Program Description

Mittineague Children’s Center provides constructive experiences for the children through activities that promote pre-academic skills (science, math, reading, music, art, language arts, social studies and dramatic play) and large and small motor development.  These educational experiences provide a harmonious development of the intellectual, mental, social and physical abilities of each child.  During these activities, the children have opportunities to establish relationships with adults and children outside the family.

Daily Schedule

Each day, children participate in group Circle Time where they play learning games, share news, update class calendars, sing songs, choose jobs.  They also have opportunities daily to play in various learning centers, create a variety of creative art activities, listen to stories, as well enjoy large muscle play.


All children have an opportunity morning and afternoon for outdoor play when the weather is suitable. Our Center has a large, fenced-in playground with climbers, slides, play houses, etc. on the west side of the building. This equipment is augmented regularly with various sized balls, a parachute, bubbles, bikes, etc. Infants and toddlers often take walks in the nearby neighborhood using our sturdy strollers (teachers always have cell phones with them in case of emergency). In inclement weather, classes use our indoor gymnasium for large muscle activities.


We believe children should have fun!  After all, even the experts agree that preschool-age children learn most through play.  These carefree years are so short, and soon the children will be exposed to a much more structured form of learning.  How then, do we encourage a child’s love of learning?  By making learning fun!


During the week, many activities take place which help promote basic skills (letter and number recognition, color and shape recognition, large motor skills, fine motor skills, etc,) and as many of these activities as possible center around the weekly themes.  Our staff of certified professionals utilize The "Learning Beyond Paper Curriculum"

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