Mittineague Children's Center is dedicated to the intellectual, social, emotional

and physical growth of children. This is accomplished through activities that encourage discovery, experience, and investigation as well as social interaction

for each child in an environment that is enriching and age-appropriate.

As a child-oriented center:


  • We believe the first seven years of life are the most important in the formation of a child;
  • We believe the interaction of the parent, teacher, and child is integral to the positive development of the child;
  • We believe the nurturing of a child's positive self-image is critical to the child's development as a whole person;
  • We believe through social interaction, a child develops an acceptance of others and an increased awareness of him/herself.


Mission Statement

Mittineague Children's Center is a great beginning to

your child's education and development.


  • We view the entire family as our client, since families are the primary influence in the lives of young children.
  • We anticipate and meet the needs of families with young children
  • We provide a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment that allows all children to grow and develop through hands-on, child-centered experiences that recognize and encourage each child's individual strength, interests, and abilities. 
  • We recruit, develop, and retain outstanding staff members by making this a "Great place to teach", since they are the primary influence on a child's day while attending our program.
  • We pursue partnerships within the community, both to expand the number of families with young children we are able to influence and to expand the resources we have to call upon in serving families with young children.
  • We recognize that longevity and consistency in our efforts will only be possible by operating a financially strong program.
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