Tuition Rates

Mittineague Children's Center requires a $50.00 registration fee upon enrollment. 

This fee is annual for every family.


Additionally, for all programs a week of deposit is due upon enrollment. 

When the child leaves care, this deposit will be applied to the last week’s tuition, if the client has given the center two weeks’ notice.


Mittineague Children's Center does accept New England Farm Workers Vouchers for preschool aged children only.



Infants                                               Toddlers                                           Preschool

Weekly -$400.00                              Weekly -$315.00                              Weekly -$265.00

MWF   -$285.00                                MWF   -$220.00                                MWF   -$190.00

T,Th    -$210.00                                T,Th    -$171.00                                T,Th    -$152.00



Due to the pandemic, we are temporarily charging a $20.00 per child COVID fee.

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